Monica Sjöö 

1938 - 2005                              

 visionary artist - feminist - activist - writer   

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of Monica Sjöö

Monica wrote a brief auto-biography (twenty-two A4 pages) at the beginning of 2004 when she felt that her health was deteriorating.
The breast cancer she suffered several years before, had returned and spread throughout the bones of her body, including the spine. She needed a wheelchair and nursing care. You can read her own account of her life by clicking the links in the right-hand panel.
We hope to produce an additional brief biographical overview of her life for this website in the future, and meanwhile leave you with the resume below from one of her exhibition catalogues.

Further information about Monica's life can
be gained through reading her commentary

Monica talking in her Study with her trusty typewriter  covered up
Monica in her small study/bedroom on the amazingly painted 'throne' her son Sean made for her many years ago.

on her paintings from the Catalogue of her 2004 Retrospective Exhibition (see link on the right), from her articles and from the tributes and memories written by friends (see links in the top row of the page.

From the catalogue of one of her Art Exhibitions:

Monica Sjöö is a radical anarcho/eco-feminist and Goddess artist, writer and thinker involved in Earth spirituality. Born in Sweden in 1938 she has lived mostly in Bristol since the late 1950's and has been active in the Women's Liberation Movement since the 60's. Her paintings are inspired by the veneration in ancient cultures of the Great Mother, the Earth. They have been exhibited throughout Europe and in America. Monica reflects her politics and spirituality not just in her art but also in her writing. She's author of the Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth (with Barbara Mor) and "Return of the Dark/Light Mother, or New Age Armegeddon?" plus loads of articles in many papers and magazines. She is also an active speaker who has toured many countries exposing her anarcho-femnist philosophies in universities, conferences, festivals and camps.
This conscience is also reflected in Monica's activism, taking part in many campaigns and causes.

As an artist her most famous work is "God giving birth" (1968) which has become a feminist icon because of its meaning and also because of the repression against it as it questions by itself all that this system is based on: patriarchism and racism. This painting depicts God as a Black woman and the human creation as a real birth (A revolutionary painting in back in those days, for she was several threatened with legal action on the ground of "blasphemy").
Many of her paintings have also been used in books, covers and cards.




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