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New Age Channeling 1

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"New Age Channelings
 - Who or What is being Channeled?"

This entire publication (originally in A4 format of 34 pages) is available for you to read here, complete with the 7 images Monica choose for the pamplet.
Originally published with help of the Green Leaf Bookshop, Bristol, 1998.


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   New Age Channelings - Who or What is being Channeled?v
   Ramtha - The Enlightened One 
   Some Angels, Masters and Extraterrestrials  
   Alice Bailey and the Master DK 
   So What About The Aryans?  
   Seeking the Light 
   The only Planet of Choice 
   The Sirius Mystery 
   The Keepers of the Garden    
   Notes to the Introduction 
   Main Notes 

From the Cover of the book:

It is very convenient to be able to say, " It was my Spirit guide who said..." , thereby renouncing any responsibility for the message. As someone said, channeling is a monologue that no-one takes responsibility for. "In this important and challenging pamphlet, groundbreaking Goddess artist, writer and feminist Monica Sjöö takes issue with the ideas she uncovers in a wide range of New Age channelings.

Who are these Secret Masters, Spirit Guides and Extraterrestrials ?
Why are their pronouncements so often right-wing, anti-woman and racist?
Where do their ideas come from?
Where might they lead us?

This fascinating, lively and wide-ranging discussion, takes in topics as various as spirit communications, UFO's, alien abductions, and the "New World Order" alongside an examination of a number of channeled books.

What emerges is a disturbing picture of a growing movement advocating a philosophy with fascist connections, setting itself in opposition to any earth-based, female-honouring spirituality, a movement of White-Lighters who despise everything dark, see the Earth as disposable, and tell us that trying to save Her is futile.

"Many would dismiss New Age channelings as harmless if fanciful nonsense. That is a view I do not share...... It seems that people are either taken in by it all and lose their critical faculties OR they dismiss it entirely as irrelevant. I am trying to do neither."

Enhanced by Monica Sjöö's paintings affirming the strength of the age-old pagan earth-loving spirituality, this is a passionate, humane and intelligent essay, asking many thought-provoking questions with the intention of stimulating debate and discussion.

Anyone with an interest in New Age ideas should read this.

About the Author:
Monica Sjöö is a radical anarcha/eco-feminist & Goddess artist, writer and thinker involved in Earth Mysteries. Born in the north of Sweden in 1938, she has lived mostly in Britain since the late 1950's, and has been active in the Women's Liberation Movement since the 60's. Her paintings are inspired by journeys to, and experiences at the Neolithic sacred sites of the ancient Great Mother, and have been exhibited in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and the USA.

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While I was writing and gathering material for my book "New Age and Armageddon: The Goddess or the Gurus?" (see note 1)  I became increasingly alarmed and frightened by the right wing, racist, antifeminist assumptions in much New Age thinking. What emerged was a hidden agenda behind the facade of Light, love and healing ... an agenda that supports US corporate free market capitalism, patriarchal science and other horrors.

At that time, however, I had not looked closely at New Age channelings. I have since done so and have found them frightening.

Interest in New Age channelers, and their channeled books is growing rapidly into a significant movement, with well-attended workshops, and rising book sales attesting to their popularity. These 'channelers' say that the material in their books is not their own work, but has been 'channeled' through them by a variety of spiritual entities, discarnate beings, Secret Masters and extraterrestrials. These beings proceed to impart information, advice, and esoteric 'wisdom' to us, which taken together forms an increasingly influential body of thought.

Many would dismiss New Age channelings as harmless if fanciful nonsense. That is a view I do not share.

I want to make it clear, though, from the start, that I do believe in the possibility of spirit communications between the worlds or realms or dimensions. I have lost two sons who live on in the spirit-world, of that I am convinced, and they communicate with me in my dreams. All ancient, as well as present day indigenous peoples have gained the powers of prophecy and healing from the Ancestors in shamanic states. I have experienced such states at the ancient sacred sites of the Goddess in the land itself and such visions have inspired my art.

But ... the entities - whether Secret Masters, Extraterrestrials or spirit guides - that apparently speak through New Age channelers seem to be of another order entirely than the spirits of Earth and ancient realities. These channeled entities, so beloved of the New Age movement, give messages that are patriarchal and life-denying, they seem hostile to earth-based biological life and to the Earth Mother that gives us our life and being. They are also mostly male, channeled through mainly women mediums. Once again, women seem to be acting as passive vessels for masterful male entities.

One can, of course, just see it all as a gigantic hoax. I don't think so, however. I will try to explain why I don't think so. and take a closer look at some recent channeled books.

I have not found any discussion or questioning of what the New Age channelings are about, or who the entities might be, and I have mostly found myself a lone voice when giving workshops and talks camps and gatherings, challenging New Age Patriarchy and its channelers (see note 2). It seems that people are either taken in by it all and lose their critical faculties OR they dismiss it entirely as irrelevant. I am trying to do neither.

The Racist Legacy of Alice Bailey

I discuss Alice Bailey, because her books (channeled to her through "Master DK") and the many organisations that she spawned, such as the Lucis Trust, the New Group of World Servers and the Goodwill Foundation, have had a reactionary and racist influence on the whole New Age move­ment. She was avidly studied at Findhorn, the 'Light Centre' and New Age Mecca in Scotland. Alice Bailey, a former Theosophist, was light obsessed and demomised darkness. Her Master DK even welcomed the atomic bomb and nuclear fusion because it would "liberate" light from within the dark womb of the atom or matter. In common with other patriarchal religions, including Christianity, those who follow this line of thought clearly hate the dark  Mot:her Earth so much that they welcome Her destruction or see Her as disposable. They see light as inherently male and darkness as female. This is in stark contrast to earth-based Goddess spirituality which sees the Goddess as both light and dark, without demonising either.

Alice Bailey had adopted the concept of the Root Races from Helena Blavasky the Russian founder of Theosophy. Blavatsky claimed to have been taught to channel knowledge from a Hierarchy of secret adepts or Masters, the White Brotherhood, who supposedly live on in indestructible bodies within the remotest Himalayas, or in the Gobi desert, in the mystical city of Shambhala. The Root Race theory is thoroughly racist and condemns indigenous dark peoples to extinction, to make way for the Aryan / white Caucasian peoples whose time this is to be. When the atomic bombs were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 Master DK said of the Japanese that they were due to leave their physical form and belonged to an earlier Root-Race anyway! It comes as no surprise to find that the Nazis studied Blavatsky's writings. And like Blavatsky, Alice Bailey was also anti-semitic (see note 3).

Racist thinking like this thrives within the New Age movement. David Spangler, the American guru at Findhorn in the early 70's, was an admirer of Alice Bailey's teachings. Spangler wrote of how we are to overcome the ancient shamanic (lunar/female/Goddess) mind which hears the voices of Nature. According to him it is with the "Aryan mind" that human mental powers came into their own and brought the Masters into being. This "Aryan mind" is the alienated dualistic onlooker consciousness of Western patriarchy which has set about dominating and destroying the Earth, turning Her from a biosphere into a technosphere.

Alice Bailey's Master DK also claims that the "Secret Masters" have all along been influencing men's (and I mean men's) minds, implanting ideas and sudden inspirations that have led to inventions and scientific "breakthroughs" such as the splitting of the atom, and taking an instrumental role in the creation of patriarchies, industrialism, imperialism and the birh of male science.

When I consider the way that US controlled multinational corporations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and so on wage war against the Earth, holding Third World and Eastern bloc countries to ransom, wrecking entire economies as well as the livelihoods of peasants and women everywhere, destroying whole ecosystems all around the world in the name of freemarket capitalism and the New World Order, this doesn't seem totally far-fetched. I can't help wondering what the members of Alice Bailey's organisations might be up to. Are they in fact heading capitalist corporations, in pursuit of financial and political power?

The Destruction of the Earth

The New Age movement, heavily influenced by Alice Bailey's ideas appears to see Earth as redundant, an old dark indigenous Mother to transcend. They speak of Her as low-fallen-dense-material. Since they desire to escape Earth they welcome in ETs, Aliens, Space "Brothers" and they imagine that life and humans were "seeded" here or genetically engineered from space and other planets. They cannot even imagine that life originated here, that we were born of the Earth Mother, who is a great spirit, a planetary being in space, who gives us consciousness and all that we are.

When New Agers speak of coming Earth-transformations they actually seem to mean the death of Nature, of Earth Herself. On the bidding of "the Lord" above She is to sacrifice Herself, becoming Light-filled and ascending into the Fifth dimension of bodylessness and eternal light. To my knowledge this is a state reached only after death.

For example Diana Luppi, the woman channeler for the ''Intergalactic Council"  (see note 4)  suggests that Earth Herself had asked for the "coming evolutionary jump" and has been preparing a long time for the arrival of the ETs who are coming to reclaim the planet in the name of "the Light" (male "God") who is "the source of all life and creation". According to her we are to rejoin the "cosmic family" away from Earth's "dysfunctional system" - in American therapy-speak.

In the meantime, she writes, the Council's invisible fifth-dimensional starships are encircling the Earth, and wait for the time when those of us the starpeople who have preprogrammed DNA, "detonate" at a preset time. This is so that this elite, planted here, will be able to include more light that the mere human type. We are cautioned that it'll all be traumatic as Earth changes. The thing to remember is that " you are an interdimensional Master and an expert at transforming collapsible realities". She believes that since everything is predestined it would only prolong the agony to do anything to stop the corporate destruction and rape and pollution of Earth and its dark peoples. It would also be "negative" to dwell on such things. In the current environmental crisis attitudes like these are particularly alarming. It seems that these New Agers are trying to brainwash people into passivity and non-action just when action is needed the most. In whose interests are they working?

Tampering with Earth's Energies

In a world where frontiers are closing everywhere in the Western world against dark peoples fleeing from famines, torture and wars - most of this as a result of the globalisation of poverty imposed and sanctioned by this same Western world - white New Agers jetset freely, speaking of themselves as global citizens, the world their oyster.

New Agers travel the world to sacred places where they attempt to manipulate Earth's sacred energies, planting crystals at standing stones and in similar places. Their plan is to facilitate the entry into this realm of extraterrestrials by changing the energy patterns of the Earth, and this, not Earth healing, was also the purpose of the so-called "Harmonic Convergence" in August 1987.

I was recently at a New Age festival in North Cornwall and heard one such New Age jetsetter, the Australian channeler Sandy Stevenson  (see note 5)  speak of her journeys around the world. She also boasted that she spent most of her time already in the fifth dimension and is personally tapped into the Masters!

Sandy announces in the final section of her book "The Awakener" that Earth is now functioning on the New Higher Vibrational Leyline system and at midnight on 25th November 1996 the Earth "slipped free" of the "denser" energy leyline system that Earth has used since the days of Atlantis. She told us how on that night she had been on the Cornish coast near St Austell carrying an "Atlantean laser crystal" and had cut the last of the four corner cords that held the old leyline. Earth was now getting ready for the final stages of her "ascension", to be completed by 2012. It seems the so-called "light force" have been focusing light into sacred sites and leyline points throughout the world, creating a grid/leyline system to replace the old one. This is apparently part of "The Divine Plan for Earth".

As a lover of the Earth and her ancient sacred sites, I felt very close to evil when I heard her speaking and I could see clearly how New Agers using occult powers, taught by the likes of Alice Bailey, are attempting to tamper with Goddess Earth and Her ancient sacred powers.

Things will get even crazier as the Millenium approaches and even more so with 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and according to some New Agers the end of time.

I too would like to see the transformation of the Earth - but in ways totally other than what New Agers are anticipating. My dream would be for oppressed peoples to rise up. Earth's women to throw off our chains, and patriarchy finally come to an end. So may it be...

Blessed Be
Monica Sjoo
Jan 1998.

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